Friday, September 11, 2009

21st Ramadhan. The Martyrdom of Sayyidina Hadhrat 'Ali

Sayfull Allah, Tonight is 21st Ramadhan. Do you want to talk about this?

Ok. Who was the guy who killed him?

take a look at this link.

"Then they brought him milk. Indicated half of it, he said: "Send this milk to the stranger in the jail. His stomach is empty." "Who is this stranger in the jail, O Imam?" they asked. "My murderer, Ibn Muljam," he said, "his stomach is hungry.""

See What has Ali done?

Then those Kafirs call Moslems Terrorist.

Show me a King in history that asks others to give his food to his killer

But now comes the important lesson.

They had the milk taken to Ibn Muljam.
But he would not drink it and handed it back, saying: "You have put poison in it.
You are going to kill me. I won't drink, I won't drink!"

When they told the Imam that Ibn Muljam had not drunk the milk and what he had said, this was his response: "Why did Ibn Muljam hold a bad suspicion of us? If he had drunk the milk, when the Day of Resurrection came and my foot was on the threshold of Paradise, I would not have entered without taking Ibn Muljam into Paradise too."

See that man, ibn Muljam, was in the deepest levels of misery
But even at that moment Ali was thinking of a way to save him


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