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what is wrong with EVOLUTION?

Today, I want to blow your mind.

Say (O Muhammad): Travel in the land and see how He originated creation, then Allah bringeth forth the later growth. Lo! Allah is Able to do all things. [al-ankaboot:20]

Do you know what it means?

It means Allah want us to go around the world and look where the creation is started.


Allah commands us, advises us, ask us to look, but we didn't.
yet we are still here.
then we let westerners to do what Allah want us to do.
yet we are still here.

they even went to the deepest ocean at the atlantic.
to the mars,
yet we are still here.

that was the first.


take a look here.

The Originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it : "Be!" - and it is.[al-baqarah:117]

Ma Sha Allah
So, you see that Allah is the Originator of All Heavens and earth
And Allah in this Ayat says that He just commands and then every thing is there
These those two parts are in the SAME ayat
And please take notice of the word, بَديعُ
From its root you know the word, بدعة
Which in Fiqh means to bring some thing new to Religion
Now I have a question for you
Do you agree that earth is created 4 billion years ago from the remainig parts of a supernova?


I am not talking about life and humans
I am talking about objects
Sayfull Allah, the building which you are now in
Is it made by Allah or not?

Do you have any doubt that Allah made that building?
Of course Allah made that building

The tree which is in front of your room, who made it?

But, did it take time for a tree to become a tree or not?
Of course yes
When Allah , says=commands some thing to BE
Allah also commands it's TIME to be

Nobody is like Allah
But, some times, only for us to better understand we make some comparisons
Of course we are nothing against Allah
think that you are a creator !!!!
You want to draw a hand
Over a paper
There is no need for you to START at one point of paper and draw a hand using lines
You can simply put your hand in an ink and just press your hand over that paper
Why you can do it?
Because you are in 3 dimensions
So, you can create two dimensional objects  At the same instance
But that poor 2D dimensional creature needs TIME, another dimension to create something in 2 dimension
Of course we are not comparable by Allah

Now , think to this, that Allah is beyond ALL DIMENSIONS

When he creates some thing He also creates its TIME dimension

إِذا قَضي أَمْرًا فَإِنَّما يَقُولُ لَهُ كُنْ فَيَكُون
If He decrees a thing, it says it would be

Allah talks to us in a Language that we understand, Sayful Allah
For example, ید الله
What is it meaning?
God's hands

But of course , Allah, doesn't have a hand like us
Its meaning is God's power
Or Command
So, Allah tells,  يَقُولُ لَهُ
We say to it
It doesn't mean, that Allah, for example, at 8pm , TELLS ,using sound or voice, to some thing , TO BE
It means that He commands it

We as humans only understand VERBS under the context of time
Our verbs are either, PAST or PRESENT or FUTURE tense
In Malay, there is no difference between PAST and PRESENT tense.

But, it is interesting, malay have  PRESENT PERFECT.

By the way, When Allah wants to talk with us, he uses our language
In which we have the TIME dimension for all our verbs

Ok, now,
It is clear and you agree that Every thing is بدیع
It means that every thing is Originated
And created before being there

Every thing was NEW at some point
Even time
Even time was NEW at some POINT
But that point was in another Dimension or Dimension Generator or what else
you see that it took time and some evolution for the HOSTEL building to be there
Also for the tree in front of you
For the highway
For your laptop
For a child in his mother womb
But you don't see ABSOLUTLEY any discrepancy between
this Ayat: َ إِذا قَضي أَمْرًا فَإِنَّما يَقُولُ لَهُ كُنْ فَيَكُون
And the process that shaped those Objects
Now we reach to main point
When you feel any kind of problem, you should delineate that problem

What is wrong with EVOLUTION??
You should be clear.

Ok,  Evolution like every thing have different aspects
One aspect is its TIME consuming face
One aspect is the effect of other things in creation of that object
just now you accepted that Building is made by Allah

What about Hiroshima bomb?

Yes Exactly. It's Allah.
But Allah DESIRE was not that
Ok, it is all about جبر و اختیار [Jabr and choose]
We will talk about it later

Don't think that every thing that evolutionist say is correct
As I told you we accept some issues
And refute some others.

This reach to other questions?
What about the creation of Adam?
before that, answer this.
What is HUMAN?
Is it ruh,body and souls(nafs)?

I will talk later about the difference of Ruh and Nafs
They are different
As if brain is different from thinking power
By the way,
our body,
All of us accept a kind of evolution for our body
It is the 9 month evolution inside mother womb
When and how our Nafs or Soul is created?
When that Soul BINDS to our body?
are you sure that our soul is contained by TIME?

Haven't you heard of those who DREAMT of future?
Or that after our death we can see ,some times, things happening in future?
So our soul is not an object of time
But still it should BIND to our body
As if you bind a 3D object to a 2D object
Now the question is this,
It is now clear that beyond athmosphere there is no air
But in Quran it is stated that Adam, came down to earth
I think it is a silly question to say that: No, it is impossible. How Adam traveled in space?

Allah can do any thing
One scenario CAN be this
Allah created Adam
Then he transfered his soul to another body on earth
That body was evolved , by Allah, on earth

Or, Another Scenario
Allah created Adam,
And then when Adam has done that thing, he created Earth for him to go down

There is absolutely no problem for us
If me and you start to think there billions of mysteries in creation of Adam.
What is more mysterious than the fact that a single cell becomes the human body?

I told you that those evolutions can say also nonsense
See, how fool they can be:

See how much they are Kafir and  stupid and  fool and ...
They want to find mistakes in creation.
By the way
Those people who go against evolution even deny  evolution for animals
Which completely true
With out any doubt
have you seen wild banada fruits?
have you seen wild  chickens?
or wild dogs?
In less than 1000 years how much they differed?
Evolution even is now happening
Even humans are changing nowadays.
Nowadays we can have human with green hair! or purple!

Believe me, let me tell you, we are really in a miserable situation.
Why should Muslims be against Evolution?
Instead of being against those damn Banks?
Believe me they are playing with us.
Every day, every day , the Kafirs discover more new things.
Then we sit and discuss whether evolution was right or wrong.

Yet we are still here.

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...and that, is why I'm skeptic with Harun Yahya, no offense.

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