Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Demon is coming.

In the world full of abstract things, strange equations, weird behavior, desire, selfishness, passion..
You can't please everybody and everything.
Just like differential equations.
There are so many solutions for a single equation.
But which is the best solutions?
You don't know?
Of course we don't know.

How far would you go to neglect your current subjects to learn Quantum Mechanics?
How far would you go to focus on your business other than focus on your boring Microeconomics class?

but life is not all about brain.

Sometimes you need a way to earn money.
and earning money is not only require brain but your muscles.

See? not everything is interesting.

You should be very good in practical subjects.
So good that you can compete with everyone.

You should be good in theoretical issues..
So good that your theoretical background is at the same level as MIT students.

You should know everything you should know.
Memorizing what is FPGA,PAL, Diodes...is your job.
Just as memorizing the side effects of paracetamol is every doctor's job.

Mr. Shaiful, fail in what ever subjects or even all subjects,

But fail to work hard is an exception.


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