Saturday, April 18, 2009


Mr Saiful is just start his sleeping.

Now he is not dreaming.
Dreams start after 1 hour.
Has he eaten too much?
Was he angry today or not?

Saiful dreams in the next 2 hours.
But those dreams are too short.
Then comes the real dream.
The dream which is out of current science knowledge.
A dream which is not a dream.
It is more realistic than his life.
That's not because he sees some thing inside his dream that he doesn't see during his daylight hours.
But because he doesn't see something in his dream which he sees during his awaking.

The thing that he doesn't see during his dream is DREAM.
Do you know why is it good?
In his dreams he never goes toward imaging Allah.
Allah is not a sky over other skies.
Allah is not some thing far far away in the horizon.
He is not a field.
He is out of imagination.
Up,Down,Left,Right have their own territory.
But Allah has no direction.

He is not homogeneous.
He is not like space.
He is the controller of space.
He is obvious.
Nobody is more obvious than him.

What is above the first sky?
What is above the second sky?
What is above the seventh sky?
Allah is not a sky.

Allah is not the continuation of anything.
Allah is not like a very very big thing that you can see only portions of it.
Think that you are in front of a very big wall in space.
You can see only portions of it.
But Allah is not like that.
Don't fool yourself by imagining any thing and describing it to Allah.
Photons can not interact with him.



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