Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The story of A B C ... Z

They are killing people
It is clear and is a fact that A stole the election
And it is clear that B is behind all these
40 million people came out and voted against it
I mean 34 Million of those 40 Million
Now his degree of acceptance is less than 2%
The leader of C and D are heavily supporting it
As well as B
Ok These are all well know facts out of any conspiracy theory
People are marching in millions  against it
and also the leader of C
They want more freedom
So, I don't blame you at all if you don't see the big picture at all
In fact it is
Never ever forget E.
In F, at first through 'I' they forced H to support G
Then they let angers to sum up
Then through an election they convert anti-government H to pro government people
They are exactly doing the same thing in C
There is no stimulation stronger than the sense of deprivation
Just deprive some body from any thing
Then that Guy will do ANY THING to reach that
Even if it is harmful to it
They have done exactly the same thing both in J and K to force them to kill each other in 2067
The ruling elite in C really want L
But they make huge and nearly total support for it by acting against it.
But why they want L?
Because they are going to finish their project
They need to make a face.
After all these killings and brutalities they will bring L and will declare it as the leader of 'revolvere'
Just like E,
And then that L , with his great national and inter national support, can resist international pressures
What about those people who are killed or injured?
They are simply slaves.


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