Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Energy Density



Do you what is the source of energy for that Laser?

Let's calculate it
Think that we want to hit a 2000 KG missile and hit it hard
The speed of that missile is at least 10 000 KM/ hour
How much energy we need to penetrate its steel shield?
At first think that you want to hit it with a 1kg Mass
The speed of that shell should be around 3000 Meters / Second
How much is the energy of that Shell?
4 500 000
Around four Million Joules

So, do you know any battery that can store four Million jouls?

How many joules are there in a 1V battery?

At the bottom there is a table
The best battery is a lithium-ion battery with an energy density of 460KJ/Kg

Now, please have a look here:

Ok, notice that batteries and capacitors are at the best 10 times less capable of storing energy than chemicals
it is clear why. Since the nature of energy storage in both of them is electricity
And no distance can be less than molecular distances
you know that when you decrease distance in a capacitor, capacitance increase
That distance can not be less than a Molecular bond
That is why chemical agents are the best means of storing energy
And that is why, with the blessing of Allah, animals and live creatures decided to use oil
Notice that the energy density of OIL is more than that of TNT
But scientists are working hard


Now notice this in that news:
Current commercial supercapacitors range from 0.5 to 30 wh/kg, while the research is in its early stages, if they reach their claim of a 100 increase that will result in 3000 wh/kg. For comparison, a conventional lead-acid battery is typically 30 to 40 wh/kg and modern lithium-ion batteries are about 160 wh/kg. In automobile applications gasoline contains around 12,000 wh/kg, which operates at 15% tank-to-wheel efficiency giving an effective energy density of 1800 wh/kg
See even that super nano capacitor of future is only 1/4th of that number gasoline
Allah is the great by his invention of OIL

So Sayfullah, besides, those atomic batteries, chemicals are the best way
of storing energy

Sayful, they created that monster
How much energy is that?

Houses only consume energy around 2000-3000
How many 100W Lamps do you have in your house?
if you turn all of them On?

Your power consumption is around 2000
6*100 = 600
So, see that 215KW is quite unnatural
So a house consumes around 1000-3000 Watt
Multiple it by 3600
It will be some thing between 3 Million Joules to 10 Million Joules per hour

So that super laser inside that jumbo jet produces around 10MJ
10 Million Joules
Which is just the kinetic energy of 1 Kg Shell with an speed of 2100 Meters/Sec
All that effort only to mimic a very humble 1 Kg missle
See, how much energy is sotred inside those fuels

Ok, now tell me that 10MJ of energy can be sotred in how many killograms of gasoline?
Only two killograms of gasoline
But, it is impossible to release the energy of gasoline in 5 Seconds.
That is why they need those huge containers.
They are not using gasoline of course
Only to give you a perception

Chemicals are chemicals
COIL or Gasoline

Now, you know that the energy density of Gasoline is more than that of TNT
Ok, can you imagine a way that we can increase the burning speed of gasoline so high
that it can be used as an expolisve?
The answer is yes.


OK, my last question
How many Watts are you?

How many Calories do you need each day?

Ok , when we talk about Calorie in medicine, we mean big Calorie
Which 100 small Calorie
ok: 2700 * 1000 * 4600
Which is : 12 420 000 000
Oh, sorry
2700 * 1000 * 4.6
12 420 000
Which is around 12 MJ
yes, the Sayful of our story needs 12MJ per day
Around 3 Kg of Gasoline
Ok, now we want to know how many Watts is our Sayful:
Simple divide it by 24*3600
Which is 143.75
But sayful, that 2700 is the basic level
It means if you sit and do nothing
If you work you need around 4000
Generally it means, 200 Watts
So, Sayful , who is the best creature, can light up ONLY TWO 100 Watts Light Bulbs.

Allah is Most Powerful.


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