Saturday, February 5, 2011

Of single, egoism, emptiness, cowardice.

Sayful Allah,
Its 2011. You are by now 22 yes?
Then why are you still single?
Why didn't you get married yet?

Do you like being single?
Do you know that it is an empty life?
Do you know that it is a life without meaning and purpose?
Do you know that it is a life of selfishness?

A life full of egoisme.
A life that is 'hampa dari berbagai keutamaan insani'.
A life that is running away from all kinds of responsibility.

Single people live for themselves.
They live alongside lust,
with no harmony of courage.
with cloudy, shadowy spiritual disciplines.
It is a coward life, a most devout coward.

Sayful Allah,
Why? Are you happy being single?
You can never fight 'fitrah' (فطرة).
Maybe by increasing your 'Taqwá' (التقوى‎),
you can slow it down.
But this war inside you against 'nafsu' and 'fitrah'
You can never win.
Gradually, it will lower your 'Iman' (إيمان) ,
your soul strength,
and affecting your health.
it will throw you into a valley of humiliation and infamy.

Sayful Allah,
You are a person with akal and Basirah (بصيرة).
May Allah will help you.

"Sungguh sengsara, sengsara, sengsara seorang lelaki yang tidak beristeri walaupun ia berharta banyak, sengsara, sengsara, sengsara wanita yang tidak bersuami walaupun ia berharta banyak"
(HR. At-Thabrani)


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