Friday, January 21, 2011

Teach me about love.

Sayfull Allah,
please teach me something about love.

We don't have the god of hate and the god of love
Love is from Allah, Akal is from Allah
So there is no contradiction between Akal and Love
The reason that you see contradiction
between Akal and Love is because of pseudo-Akal
Which is used by those animals all around the world
The Akal of Kafirs
The Akal by which they make atomic bombs.

Akal is love, Love is Akal
Allah has given to everybody Akal
Allah has given to everybody Love
Akal is to find out your enemies
Love is to find your friends
By Akal you avoid danger
By Love you reach to pleasure
Akal tells you that enemy is very dangerous
Love tells you that where is your friend
Love is the way to reach to your friends
through all your enemies

Sayful Allah, Akal is sacred
It is the best creature of Allah
Do you know any creature higher than Akal?
Yes, Akal of course is creature
Dont' confuse it with wisdom
Allah is wise

Sayful Allah,
Akal is higher than Angels
Akal understands something that Angels can not

Sayful Allah,
Among all the creatures of Allah
Who knows Allah the best?
Akal yes?
Now you understand why all creatures
should obey Akal?
Now do you understand why all angels
prostrated before Akal?

Sayful Allah,
Did angels prostrated before body of Adam(علیه السلام)?
Or his Akal?
Nobody knows Allah better than Akal
And everybody should worship Allah.
But Who is Allah?
Ask Akal

Sayful Allah,
The most complete form of Akal
Is the Akal of Muhammad (SAW)
That's why from Protons, to Stars, to Cells, to Angels
Should listen and obey Akal of Muhammad(SAW)

Sayful Allah,
You know well what's Love
But your question is to direct that love towards who
And I tell you,
Spend all that love for Muhammad(SAW).

P/S: Gambar sekadar hiasan. XD Taken from this blog


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