Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who is infinity?

Say Bismillah.

Do you have any doubts that in this world everything has its limits?
boundaries? sempadan and batasan?
Do you?

In mathematics and physics,
we learn this creatures called infinity,
that refers to a quantity without bound or end,
and infinity represent by this symbol "∞", yes?
(see picture above).

Now, the real question, think hard,
hard enough that your head might explode,
Is it possible to have infinity in mathematics and physics?
when previously we agree that everything in this world has its limits
and boundaries.

If today I come to you and ask you,
What is the result of 10003534530+324322343245+220235234000,
then tomorrow,
I come again and ask you to multiply that answer with 3555500000245,
then the day after tomorrow,
again I ask you to take that number
and power it with the power of 12124,
then one week later,
I come to you and demand you to give me the exponent of previous result.
What is the value now?

So, this 'infinity' that we learned in maths and physics,
is depends on your calculations capability,
your processing power,
and your memory capacity.
It's obvious. Yes?
So, now, this 'infinity' that we learned in maths and physics,
is not so 'infinity' at all
and actually has its limits!!

Here comes the main question,

WHO IS Al-Wāsi, The Vast, The All-Embracing, The Omnipresent
and The Boundless?

Say Subhanallah.


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